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What Is NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)? 

NAD+, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme occupying almost every cell in the body. Its primary purpose is to fuel metabolic reactions by enabling mitochondria, or the power stations of the cell, to convert food into energy. This energy allows the body to sustain all its functions. 

NAD+ is also required for efficient energy transfer from food to tissues. NAD+ doesn't just serve the DNA of humans, it also keeps DNA healthy in the cells of bacteria, plants, yeast and mammals. NAD+ has two sets of reactions in the human body, including:

  • Helping turn food into nutrients the body can use in performing metabolic processes.

  • Working as a helper molecule for proteins that regulate other cellular functions.

Additionally, NAD+ plays several roles in important physical processes such as:

  • Regulating sleep/wake cycles

  • Sustaining bone, nerve and tissue health

  • Ensuring our fight-or-flight stress response works properly

  • Neutralizing free radicals that age the body by damaging cells

There is one downside to NAD+. While we have an abundance of it when we’re young, our bodies stop producing as much NAD+ as we age. Lower NAD+ levels can translate to a lack of energy in our daily lives, so that’s when an NAD+ drip can come in handy.


What is NAD+ IV therapy?


While it’s possible to receive NAD+ therapy via an oral supplement, many people prefer the convenience and quick results that come with NAD+IV therapy. NAD+ is combined with hydrating saline solution and then infused directly into your bloodstream. NAD+ treatments are most effective over time and the infusion itself can take 2–5 hours per session depending on the dasage.


When receiving any type of IV therapy, many people want to know if they should expect side effects later down the road and if NAD+ IV therapy is safe. It’s important to note that there is currently no research to support that NAD+ IV therapy has any long-lasting side effects. However, during the infusion process, some people indicate that they feel temporarily nauseous or experience some stomach discomfort for a short period of time. This subsides quickly, and there are no other issues in the days or weeks following the treatment.


While this is certainly a financial investment, it is also an investment in your health and overall well-being. Low NAD+ levels can impact various aspects of your health, from aging to low energy levels to slow tissue repair. Maintaining normal levels of this coenzyme can help stave off many of these unwanted effects.

Benefits of NAD+ in addition to IV Vitamin Therapy (Myers Cocktail)

Water-soluble vitamins are those that are dissolved in water and readily absorbed into tissues for immediate use.

Because they are not stored in the body, they need to be replenished regularly in our diet. Any excess of water-soluble vitamins is quickly excreted in urine and will rarely accumulate to toxic levels. 

The water-soluble vitamins include the B-complex group and vitamin C, each of which offers the following health benefits:

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine) helps to release energy from foods and is important in maintaining nervous system function.

  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) helps promotes good vision and healthy skin and is also important in converting the amino acid tryptophan into niacin.

  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) aids in digestion, metabolism, and normal enzyme function as well as promoting healthy skin and nerves.

  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) aids in metabolism and the formation of hormones.

  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) aids in protein metabolism and the production of red blood cell, insulin, and hemoglobin.

  • Vitamin B9 (folate or folic acid) also aids in protein metabolism and red blood cell formation and may reduce the risk of neural tube birth defects.

  • Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) aids in the production of normal red blood cells as well as the maintenance of the nervous system.

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is central to iron absorption and collagen synthesis. It aids in wound healing and bone formation while improving overall immune function.


Uses of NAD+ 


NAD+ IV benefits cells by acting as fuel for many critical biological processes, such as:

  • Fortifying cells' defense systems

  • Repairing damaged DNA

  • Converting food into energy

  • Setting the body's circadian rhythms

  • Fuels cells with energy converted from proteins, carbs, and fats

  • Regulating the body’s stress response

  • Repairing cells for better function

  • Maintaining cellular DNA

  • Governing our sleep/wake cycle

  • Encouraging stem cell production that can help repair the body’s nerves, bones, and tissues

  • Controlling calcium levels

  • Overseeing gene expression that can affect aging

  • Using its antioxidant capabilities to reduce and help prevent damage caused by free radicals

  • Regulating metabolism

  • Beautifying  enhancements to improve the appearance of skin, nails, and hair

  • Weight loss support, as NAD+ helps the body metabolize food into energy

  • Increasing mental acuity as brain cells and tissues get the NAD+ they need to stay healthy

  • Increasing a sense of energy to eliminate feelings of fatigue 

  • Easing the symptoms of anxiety or depression, such as fatigue and insomnia

  • A sharper, clearer mind, with improved memory and concentration

  • Potentially slowing of aging in the body

  • DNA damage repair with the activation of poly ADP-ribose polymerases (PARPs)

  • Increasing energy and less fatigue

  • Promoting a more effective athletic performance

  • Promoting a stronger metabolism

  • Promoting a happier mood

  • Assisting with weight loss and building muscle 

  • Reducing symptoms associated with depression and anxiety

  • Decreasing body inflammation

  • Diminishing signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles in the skin

  • Cellular regeneration


Because NAD+ levels decline with age, the human body does not have an unlimited supply. Low NAD+ levels have been associated with many health issues such as Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, diabetes and vision loss. Animal research has suggested that increasing levels of NAD+ may reverse signs of aging and lower the risk of many chronic diseases.

Symptomatic NAD side effects during infusion

The most common symptomatic side effects of NAD treatment are:

  • Nausea

  • Fatigue

  • Brain Fog

  • Headaches

  • Diarrhea

  • Indigestion

  • Stomach discomfort

  • Cramping during therapy

  • Chest heaviness

  • Limb heaviness

NAD treatments are most effective over time and the infusion itself can take 2-5 hours per session depending on the dosage.


What to expect during NAD IV therapy


We recommend that for the best results you invest in receiving the initial three loading doses over the course of one week with maintenance doses on a monthly basis.


You will need to set aside two to five hours as the NAD IV works through your system. Some people see results as soon as the treatment finishes. While this may seem like a time investment, it’s important to evaluate the many benefits you’ll receive in a short amount of time. Many people indicate that they feel a boost in energy, less brain fog, and a better ability to focus and concentrate on tasks at hand within several hours of treatment.


Some people may feel a noticeable difference in their energy levels right after treatment, while others take a bit longer to feel it. Keep in mind that NAD+ IVs typically give you better results than an oral supplement. The latter lose absorbency while passing through the digestive tract, while IV fluids go right to the bloodstream without losing effectiveness. 

How to naturally boost NAD levels

There are many ways to improve the amount of NAD in your body.

You can naturally increase NAD levels through the following:

  • exercise

  • limiting sun exposure

  • improving your diet.

However, it is more effective to supplement NAD levels through an IV infusion.


Can I combine NAD+ with other ingredients in a single infusion bag?

While we do not combine any other vitamins or ingredients in your NAD+ bag, we do recommend pairing your initial 3 treatment NAD+ session with one Myers Cocktail (500ml) and all subsequent NAD+ maintenance infusions with a Myers Cocktail (500ml) to ease the temporary infusion symptoms and relieve anxiety.

NAD+ Cost

NAD+ IV Cost

We offer NAD+ in the following dosages:


  • Individual sessions:

    • Initial session: 250mg in 500ml NS over 1-2 hours ($350) includes Pepcid 20mg for GI upset and Zofran 4mg for nausea

    • Subsequent sessions: 500mg in 500ml NS over 3-4 hours ($475) includes Pepcid 20mg for GI upset and Zofran 4mg for nausea

  • Recommended Package: 3 initial infusions over the course of one week with at least one day between:

    • Day 1: 250mg over 1-2 hours (includes Pepcid 20mg for GI upset and Zofran 4mg for nausea)/Option to add a Myers Cocktail ($170)

    • Day 2: 500mg over 3-4 hours (includes Pepcid 20mg for GI upset and Zofran 4mg for nausea)

    • Day 3: 500mg over 3-4 hours (includes Pepcid 20mg for GI upset and Zofran 4mg for nausea)

    • 3 initial doses are $1300 but $1170 (10% off)(-$130) if all 3 purchased in advance or during first infusion



  • All new clients must start with NAD+ 250mg in order to progress to the 500mg dose. In order to receive 500mg to start, proof of prior infusions must be shown.

  • Infusion time is individually specific. Some individuals are able to endure the temporary discomfort of the symptoms associated with a faster infusion while others require a slower infusion rate. Please prepare for each infusion to last between 2- 5 hours.

  • Please feel free to bring a book, laptop, movie, todo list, any calming activity that will divert your attention during your infusion session.


NAD+ Research Resources

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