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Spa Pool

Restorative Tier

Great for those seeking rapid rehydration and an instant energy boost.



Choose any one (1) drip per month:

  • Basic Hydration (regular price $110)

  • Recovery Cocktail (regular price $140)

  • Super Glutathione Skin Drip (regular price $150)

  • Any Mini Boost (regular price $110)



**SAVE $40-$120


Lotus Pose

Tranquil Tier

Perfect for those desiring a radiant complexion, hormonal balance, and a sense of relaxation.


Choose any one (1) drip per month:

  • Super Myer’s Cocktail (regular price $190)

  • Super Pilates Pusher (regular price $210)

  • Super Hormonal Replenish (regular price $210)

  • Super Beauty Drip (regular price $210)

  • Or any Restorative Tier drips

**SAVE $80-$120 


Arm Stretches

Optimal Tier

Ideal for proactive individuals who prioritize preventative measures, fostering immune support and enhancing productivity.

Choose any one (1) drip per month:

  • Super Immune Boost ( regular price $220)

  • Super Energy Boost (regular price $220)

  • Custom Infusion (regular price $220+)

  • Or any Restorative or Tranquil drips



**SAVE $110


  • Become a member of our Essential Wellness Tribe and receive 25% off services.

  • We have three unique memberships that can be tailored to meet your hydration needs.

  • Receive 10% off any additional services.  

  • All drips must be redeemed per month and do not rollover from month to month.  

  • Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or the appointment is considered a used drip. 

  • The credit card on file will be automatically charged on the same date each month.  

  • Membership and benefits are non-transferable and non-refundable.  

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