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Corporate Wellness Retreats

Welcome to Essential Wellness 360: Discover the Ultimate Corporate Wellness Experience

Please visit our Serenbe location at:

11118 Serenbe Lane, Palmetto, Ga 30268


Discover the Ultimate Corporate
Wellness Experience

At Essential Wellness 360, we understand that a thriving business is built on the well-being of its people. Our Corporate Wellness Retreats are designed to rejuvenate, inspire, and empower your team, creating a harmonious balance between work and personal health. We offer a holistic approach to wellness that addresses the mind, body, and spirit, ensuring your employees return to work with renewed energy, focus, and creativity.


Improved Employee Well-being and Productivity

Our wellness retreats provide employees with the opportunity to de-stress, recharge, and focus on their mental and physical health. This can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and overall better performance at work.

Team Building and Enhanced Collaboration

Our retreats include activities designed to improve communication, trust, and teamwork among employees. By strengthening these bonds, companies can foster a more cohesive and collaborative work environment, which can improve efficiency and innovation.

Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction

Offering wellness programs shows employees that their employer values their well-being, which can lead to higher job satisfaction and loyalty. This, in turn, can reduce turnover rates and help attract top talent who are looking for companies that prioritize employee health and happiness.

Why Choose Essential Wellness 360?

Our retreats are more than just a getaway; they are a transformative experience designed to foster lasting change. By integrating our diverse range of wellness services, we create a customized retreat that addresses the unique needs of your team. Whether you seek to reduce stress, boost morale, enhance productivity, or foster team cohesion, Essential Wellness 360 provides the tools and environment to achieve your goals.

Our Comprehensive Services Include


IV Hydration

Boost energy levels and enhance overall well-being with our tailored IV hydration treatments.



Experience deep relaxation and stress relief through our expert-led Reiki sessions.


Sound Bowl Baths

Immerse in soothing sound waves that promote healing and tranquility.


Guided Meditation

Develop mindfulness and clarity with our guided meditation practices.


Kundalini Yoga

Unlock your inner potential and elevate consciousness with Kundalini yoga.


Mental Health Counseling

Support mental well-being with professional counseling services.


Art Therapy

Explore creativity and emotional expression through therapeutic art sessions.


Affirmation Meditation

Foster positive thinking and self-empowerment with affirmation meditation.



Enhance physical and mental health with various yoga styles tailored to your needs.



Relieve stress and improve circulation with therapeutic reflexology.


Executive Coaching

 Elevate leadership skills and personal growth with executive coaching.


Working Nature Trail Walks

Combine business with pleasure on our invigorating nature trail walks.


Healthy Cooking Classes

Learn to prepare nutritious meals that support a healthy lifestyle.


Workshops & Guest Speakers

Gain insights and inspiration from industry experts and thought leaders.


Mindfulness Training

Designed to help individuals and teams cultivate present-moment awareness.

Invest in Your Team's Well-Being

Join the growing number of companies that recognize the value of investing in their employees' health and wellness. Contact Essential Wellness 360 today to learn more about our Corporate Wellness Retreats and how we can tailor a program to meet your organization's specific needs. Elevate your team's well-being, and watch your business thrive.

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